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17 Time Saving Apps to Help You With Your Day

If you’re anything like us at blow HQ, you might as well have your phone surgically attached to your hand. Gone are the days when your phone was just a distraction, it’s now a lifeline to everything. Check out our favourite time saving apps to help you increase productivity, improve your work/life balance and make more time for actual fun.



Create beautiful graphs on the go, Paper means you don’t have to find a desktop to collate data or put together an eye catching presentation. Just download the app and you’ve got an entire desktop in your hand!


Named one of the hottest startups by Forbes, Expensify collates all your bills, rent, expenses and naughty Net-A-Porter purchases into one simple report. Having a money management app should be obligatory for everyone. When every pound is precious you need to keep your funds where you can see them!



Become the ultimate stalker with Mailtrack! This app for gmail tracks who has opened any email you send, meaning if you’re waiting on any important documents you can keep a watchful eye or send reminder emails and not be kept wondering.

From classic Chanel to new season Gucci, vintage Hermès to timeless Céline; Vestiaire Collective is the go to destination for buying and selling luxury pre-owned designer fashion in a trusted and safe environment. We love using this app to stay on top of the latest trends without breaking the bank. 



Created by Google, SnapSeed is the best photo editting app on the market. Edit your next profile photo in a flash, SnapSeed has everything you need to make picture adjustments on the go. So you no longer have an excuse to avoid updating your LinkedIn profile!


Task rabbit

Don’t have time for those annoying odd jobs? Download the TaskRabbit app to complete anything from house cleaning and organisation, to moving, deliveries and handyman jobs without lifting a finger.


Avoid spending hours finding the next cool spot to visit and let Dojo do the work for you! We’ve found so many amazing cocktail bars and fabulous restaurants using Dojo. They’ve just expanded to Paris too, the perfect opportunity to take a trip across the Channel!

Monzo Bank


If you have a tendency to spend ridiculous amounts of your hard earned cash on daily spontaneous purchases, then the Monzo app is for you. Get instant notifications every time you use your card, a monthly spending analysis and receive intelligent insights into your purchasing habits. This app is great for cutting down your coffee, clothing or cab spending, as it sends you a report for you to contemplate with shame.



Sometimes taking 5 minutes to destress is the best way to be more time-efficient. Calm teaches you how to meditate effectively as well as providing soothing soundtracks and music to accompany your bliss. Still feeling the stress? Book a relaxing massage at-home with our expert therapists.

Bean Hunter 


Find the best coffee shops in your area, ideal for impromptu meetings or when you just need a good caffeine fix. Browse through cafe listings, pictures and user reviews to decide where to grab a cup and the in-app map will direct you towards your destination. Handy if you want to impress a colleague for your ‘I know this little spot’ knowledge.

7 minute work outs


A seriously easy way to manage an exercise routine at home. The free workout plan gives you a full-body challenge for improved fitness, endurance or weight loss. The in-app voice prompts mean you don’t have to constantly look at your screen mid workout, ideal for those who easily get distracted by the constant flurry of messages, emails and likes at your fingertips. Need a bit more motivation? Book a yoga or pilates session to home with our expert trainers.



Perfect for when you lose all your lunch and travel receipts. Scan any important documents, business cards and handwritten notes and save them onto your phone. This app increases the quality of the text and decreases the surroundings so you get a much clearer copy than a smart phone camera can produce. It also keeps your bag from looking like a recycling bin, something everyone in our office is guilty of!



Keeping your social life on track can be really difficult when you’re always on the go. Backed by Google Ventures, Snowball manages all your social media messaging apps by putting them into one streamlined feed. Meaning you can facebook message, twitter DM and text people without jumping back and forth between all your apps. A god send for time keeping and your phone’s battery life!



Addicted to checking off a to do list? Break up big tasks into smaller, more manageable ones and track your progress using Wunderlist. This app syncs lists on your phone and laptop, so you can see the day’s achievements whether you’re at your desk or on the go. You can also link up with multiple users working on the same big project, making sure everyone’s on it as much as you!



Tidy space = tidy mind. Book and pay for any of the (thoroughly vetted and background-checked) cleaners through the app, then put your feet up while they restore your home to its former, tidy glory – for a mere £12.50 an hour! Now all we need is a version of this app for our desks…



Really craving that ice cream only stocked at Whole Foods? Send Quipup to go get it! Tell them what you want delivered on-demand, and they will match your pickup to a ‘Quiqee’—an awesome person on a bike, scooter or in a car who’ll shop, pickup and drop whatever you need.

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