27 Most Powerful UK Beauty Bloggers (we’ve crunched the numbers!)

Here at blow LTD, we’re obsessed with beauty (in case you didn’t notice). So, it’s safe to say we spend a lot of time with our noses pressed to the screens of our laptops, avidly watching our favourite bloggers share their beauty secrets. To honour the ladies who fuel our beauty addiction through thick and thin, we’ve rounded up the top 27 beauty bloggers in the UK, ranked with stats from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, and our own Fast Beauty score (we’ve done the science bit so you don’t have to.)

There are plenty who dabble in beauty blogging, but here are the beauty-istas who’ve built entire industries around their names, bang-on recommendations, fast and furious insider knowledge, and an unadulterated love of product and styling tips (with an increasing number showing us love for our salon at home service).

Ladies, we salute you…

1. PixiWoo


Sister act and makeup artists, Sam and Nic deliver video tutorials and posts demystifying all the beauty tricks used behind scenes i.e. accessible beauty for all. Better still, these ladies have some serious experience in the beauty and makeup world, so if they say something’s a beauty hero, you know it really, really is.

Twitter: 363K
Facebook: 400.5K
Instagram: 761K
Youtube: 1.79M

Follow Pixiwoo:

2. Zoella


This year has been the year of Zoella. From publishing her first book, to conquering the online world, Queen Zoe is going from strength to strength, with a mammoth following to rival any superstar’s.

Twitter: 3.05M
Facebook: 2.13M
Instagram: 4M
Youtube: 7.6M

Follow Zoella:

3. Lisa Eldridge


Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge works with everyone from red carpet A-listers to the creme de la creme of beauty brands. Her video-based blog is THE destination for beauty tutorials and expert tips (plus she’s master of our favourite fresh-faced makeup look. WIN).

Twitter: 126K
Facebook: 283K
Instagram: 291K
Youtube: 1.1M

Follow Lisa Eldridge:

4. Fleur de Force


Fleur fearlessly leaves no beauty stone unturned – we love her battle royale style reviews to find the definitive beauty champs, be it cleansing balm or hair oil.

Twitter: 260K
Facebook: 111.5K
Instagram: 524K
Youtube: 1.24M

Follow Fleur de Force:

5. Essie Button


Blogger and vlogger Estée gives some of the most thorough product reviews we’ve ever seen. We’re talking every base covered and all categorised for your beauty convenience.

Twitter: 162K
Facebook: 49.7K
Instagram: 446K
Youtube: 849K

Follow Essie Button:

6. Tanya Burr


A London Fashion Week regular, Tanya will have you beauty-trend savvy fast. Although these days she’s more of a trending topic herself, with the recent launch of her new beauty line and links to top mags like Grazia and ELLE.

Twitter: 1.3M
Facebook: 608K
Instagram: 1.6M
Youtube: 2.8M

Follow Tanya Burr:

7. Beauty Crush


Gorgeous image-based posts from Londoner Sammi. A treat for the eyes as well as the beauty-loving soul.

Twitter: 124K
Facebook: 18.2K
Instagram: 405K
Youtube: 1.49M

Follow Beauty Crush:

8. Vivianna Does Makeup


We adore the accessibility of Anna’s amazingly organised blog. Find exactly what you’re looking for in the click of a button, be it product edits, reviews or the new thing on the beauty scene.

Twitter: 77.4K
Facebook: 35.9K
Instagram: 202K
Youtube: 301K

Follow Vivianna Does Makeup:

9. Patricia Bright


Whether she’s sharing the secrets to finding your perfect foundation or styling out the newest trend for blanket coats, the mix of solid beauty tricks with killer outfits on Patricia’s gorgeously laid-out blog is #FLAWLESS.

Twitter: 33.9K
Facebook: 62.5K
Instagram: 223K
Youtube: 529K

Follow Patricia Bright:

10. A Model Recommends


Fashion model Ruth Crilly has serious insider know-how. And with a modelling career, masters and a big-time beauty blog all on the go, she also has a razor sharp eye for fast beauty finds.

Twitter: 52.1K
Facebook: 18.1K
Instagram: 105K
Youtube: 288.3K

Follow A Model Recommends:


11. Shirley’s Wardrobe



If you’re looking for a new way to style your hair, wear a bold lip, or just some new life goals (we all wish we had at least a drop of Shirley’s impeccable style), this is the blog for you.

Twitter: 21.5K
Facebook: 169.7K
Instagram: 227K
Youtube: 522.5K

Follow Shirley’s Wardrobe:

12. Lily Pebbles


Although originally a lifestyle blogger, it wasn’t long before Ms. Pebbles’ (it’s her real name, we swear) love of beauty started to take over. Our go-to-girl for down-to-earth reviews and beauty updates.

Twitter: 78.4K
Facebook: 34K
Instagram: 206K
Youtube: 275.5K

Follow Lily Pebbles:



The beauty version of Lily Melrose’s hugely successful style blog. As with the original, you can go to Lily for wearable takes on the latest trends.

Twitter: 63.4K
Facebook: 10.6K
Instagram: 136K
Youtube: 275.5K


14. Liana Beauty


Beauty reviews from Cosmo’s resident Beauty Vlogger – a must for long-haired girls (Amelia Liana’s tresses are awe-inspiringly long and lush).

Twitter: 57K
Facebook: 7.7K
Instagram: 179K
Youtube: 313.7K

Follow Liana Beauty:

15. Hello October


Suzie may be a little one but her blog is not. Her monthly round-up of favourite beauty treats spans the bargain to the cult and makes for perfect bite-sized beauty viewing.

Twitter: 22.9K
Facebook: 4.6K
Instagram: 94K
Youtube: 215K

Follow Hello October:

16. Caroline Hirons


Problem skin? Look no further than Caroline – her blog is a one way ticket to mastering your complexion-woes.

Twitter: 29.8K
Instagram: 47.1K
Youtube: 51.3K

Follow Caroline Hirons:

17. Gemsmaquillage


Determined to cut through the marketing chatter and CGI-ed lashes of the beauty big boys, follow Gemma for honest opinions, firmly unswayed by whizbangs and whirligigs.

Twitter: 34.4K
Facebook: 5.9K
Instagram: 36.4K
outube: 91K

Follow Gemsmaquillage:

18. milkteef


London-based Emma has it all: makeup tutorials from the simple (faux freckles) to the outrageous (full-blown Bambi), and a product directory to rival Beast’s library.

Twitter: 26K
Facebook: 2.5K
Instagram: 43.4K
Youtube: 12K

Follow milkteef:


19. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic



The name just about sums it up. Doctor and mother Christine doesn’t have to time to faff around with beauty duds and neither do we.

Twitter: 18.3K
Facebook: 191.5K
Instagram: 1K

Follow 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic:


20. I Covet Thee



Do you have burning questions, like, what’s the best micellar water out there? And where’s the best Mac n’Cheese this side of the river? Alix has got you covered, whether it’s beauty treats or foodie eats you’re after.

Twitter: 24.5K
Facebook: 6.3K
Instagram: 76.6K

Follow I Covet Thee:


21. Zoe London



Blue-haired blogger, Zoe is just too cool. Not only is she our pin up girl for bold hair colour, she’s the place to go for major makeup inspiration, whether you’re looking for bright or nude looks.

Twitter: 30.8K
Facebook: 450
Instagram: 54.2K
Youtube: 16.8K

Follow Zoe London:

22. Lips So Facto


What’s the latest cult find and is actually worth the hype? Meg of Lips So Facto knows. Follow her and you’ll know too.

Twitter: 17.7K
Facebook: 2.9K
Instagram: 19.6K
Youtube: 47.8K

Follow Lips So Facto:

23. British Beauty Blogger


Jane of BBB is so on the ball. This is our beauty pulse – beauty news before it happens, and product reviews as and when they land.

Twitter: 41.1K
Facebook: 3.3K
Instagram: 12K
Youtube: 3.8K

Follow British Beauty Blogger:


24. Katie’s Beauty Blog



Not only does Katie have hair to die for, she’s also got some kick-ass product reviews and all your beauty essentials covered. Love!

Twitter: 18.1K
Facebook: 1K
Instagram: 38K
Youtube: 39.7K

Follow Katie’s Beauty Blog:

25. Really Ree


If there’s a new way to contour your cheeks, plump your pout or turn back the clock, Ree will have it. Complete with no-fear before and after shots too.

Twitter: 23.4K
Facebook: 9K
Instagram: 7.8K
Youtube: 3K

Follow Really Ree:

26. London Beauty Queen


LBQ’s Hayley is queen of the accessible edit. Think affordable alternatives to big budget brands, or how to spot counterfeit beauty.

Twitter: 31.7K
Facebook: 6.9K
Instagram: 7.2K
Youtube: 1.6K

Follow London Beauty Queen:

27. Dizzy Brunette


To-the-point posts on everything from acne solutions to how to get some glow back into your skin. F.Y.I. Corrie (the real life dizzy brunette) also has ah-may-zing hair. Even Cheryl Cole liked it. And you can’t argue with that.

Twitter: 12K
Facebook: 875
Instagram: 16.4K
Youtube: 31K

Follow Dizzy Brunette:

Honourable Mentions

Keep your eyes on these ladies, we LOVE what they’re up to…

Beauty Junkie London



We think Jen’s super-easy image-based tutorials are just the best thing since sliced bread, and her beautiful pistachio-coloured lay out ain’t hard on the eyes either.

Twitter: 18.2K
Facebook: 2.2K
Instagram: 8.8K
Youtube: 2.9K

Follow Beauty Junkie London:

The Sunday Girl


A one stop shop for reviews on the latest drugstore must-haves to beauty finds impossible to, er, find – all written by Scottish lovely, Adrienne.

Twitter: 8.6K
Facebook: 4K
Instagram: 6.2K

Follow The Sunday Girl:



Charlotte of Lipglossiping is a bonafide bargain-hunter. Follow for purse-saving beauty buys, along with news on the the season’s latest shades.

Twitter: 12K
Facebook: 3K
Instagram: 2.4K

Follow Lipglossiping:

The Beauty Shortlist


Want to detox your beauty arsenal? Look no further than beauty journalist, Fiona Klonarides’ green, cruelty-free blog. Keep an eye on her yearly ‘Beauty Shortlist Awards’ too – it hunts out the beauty must-haves so you don’t have to.

Twitter: 18.4K
Facebook: 1.6K

Follow The Beauty Shortlist:


My Pale Skin



Pale-skinned beauties, this is the destination for you. Not only does Em give beauty tips for fair-skinned ladies perfectly happy to remain just so (no orange-faces here, thanks very much), she also has some amazing makeup tutorials – girl’s got serious skills.

Twitter: 5.5K
Instagram: 130K
Youtube: 34.6K

Follow My Pale Skin:


Cosmetic Candy



Korean and Japanese cosmetics have been taking the beauty world by storm, and if you want to know which ones to try and get your hands on, look no further than Cosmetic Candy, who reviews a huge range of Asian products alongside big name beauty brands.

Twitter: 7.8K
Facebook: 790
Instagram: 980
Youtube: 1.3K

Follow Cosmetic Candy:

Strawberry Blonde Beauty


Up-and-comer Nic has been popping up on all the beauty blogger awards as a newcomer to watch. We’ve fallen head over heels for her gorgeous product shots – add in coverage of the hottest arrivals to the UK beauty scene? We predict big things.

Twitter: 5.4K
Facebook: 1.1K
Instagram: 1.9K

Follow Strawberry Blonde Beauty:


We’d love to know who you think deserves to be on the top beauty blogger list. Let us know in the comment section or tweet us @blowLTD!

[Stats taken 18.03.2015]
– Emma Cooke

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