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25 Things To Do With Your Extra Hour – Summer Solstice

June 21st marks the beginning of British Summer Time and we’re given an extra hour to do with what we please. Want to make the most of your extra time in the sun? Scroll down to see Team Blow’s favourite things to do with those precious 60 minutes!

1. Create a whole new dwelling with Homewings. The online interior designer and free personal shopping service allows you to do minimal work for maximum results! Click here to get a free 30 minute consultation.


2. Browsing local markets for undiscovered brands and high quality food and drinks is a great way to use an hour and treat yourself to a small present that won’t break the bank.


3. Take some time for meditation and self reflection. Apps like Calm and Headspace are a great way to make the most of your ‘me-time’ by way of amateur meditation.

Young woman performing yoga pose in living room

4. Whether you fancy adding an extra skill to your CV or you’re just going on holiday and don’t want to look like a total tourist, improve your language skills with Duolingo. Perfecto!


5. Go all Tom Cruise and learn the skill of mixology at Drake & Morgan King’s Cross. This is also the ideal excuse to splurge on that Oliver Bonas bar cart you’ve always wanted!


6. Add some life to your living space with plants and florals. Bloom & Wild are our favourite for adding a pop of colour and scent to our rooms!


7. Want to learn a new skill but never had the time? Head to LYNDA.com to gain access to hundreds of how-to videos.


8. Speaking of gaining awesome skills, how about using your extra hour to improve your make-up technique? Book a make-up masterclass with our expert stylists if you want to learn the basics or improve your daily routine. Click here to book!

Young beautiful girl applying make-up by make-up artist

9. London has tonnes of scenic bike routes to get some sun, enjoy the scenery and discover the city’s hidden gems. Hop on and get pedalling!


10. They say you can tell you’re a good fit with someone in the first minute of meeting them. So why not take two! Speed dating is a really fun way to meet new people and means you don’t get stuck wasting hours on a boring tinder date!


11. Ever wanted to join the circus? Learn a unique skill for fitness and fun whilst also getting an amazing adrenaline fix! Click here for more info.


12. Get some sun – find your nearest park (don’t forget the pimm’s!) Grab some friends, some Pimm’s and head to the nearest park to get some much needed vitamin D!

Green Park, London, England, United Kingdom.

13. A tidy space means a tidy mind. Use your extra hour to clear out and declutter a stressful, unorganised area a la The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. 


14. Colour code your wardrobe! This is a great way to make the most of usually unworn items. Organising your wardrobe by colour forces you to see unexpected pairings and gives older items a new lease of life!


15. Really don’t want that last season top? After you’ve organised your wardrobe, donate your unwanted items to your local charity shop. You may also find some vintage treasures whilst your there if you look hard enough!


16. Make your living space cleaner and more hygienic environment. It’s a wonder what a vacuumed floor, fresh sheets and fresh towels will do for your mood. Especially in the hot city summer!


17. Spend some time putting together potential holiday ideas on Air BnB and Pinterest. Building inspiration boards of hotels, houses, flights and attractions for your favourite destinations saves you time and money in the long run whilst also giving you an hour of indulgent escapism!

Pinterest Boards Can Inspire Travel

18. Discover a new podcast; our favourites include The Guilty Feminist, This American Life and Anna Faris is Unqualified. 


19. This should be a staple for any downtime, but self care is something we often forget to do with our busy schedules. Take the time to enjoy a relaxing salt bath with a calming face mask, conditioning hair mask and…


21. … a new book! Some of our favourite recent reads include Big Little Lies (yes, it was a book first!), Behind Closed Doors and anything by Gillian Flynn!


22. Eventbrite is a great place to find last minute tickets for networking events, lectures and local exhibitions. Use your extra hour to get a bit of culture and make some great connections for the future!


23. Rooftop yoga is the perfect summer activity to do with friends. Fancy it solo? Book an hour yoga or pilates session with our expert trainers to get a great one-to-one experience!


24. You know that show EVERYONE is talking about in the office? Be part of the watercooler moments and catch up on the latest Netflix binge. We can’t wait to talk about the new season of Orange Is The New Black!


25. We live such hectic lives that sometimes the best thing to do with your extra hour is rest and recharge. Get some comfy pillows and treat yourself to a little shut eye.


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