15 Ways To Survive When You’re Stuck At Home

There’s a whole world out there of new restaurant openings, pamper days, and nights out on the town. But even the best made plans of mice and men can go up in smoke when you hear that first clap of thunder, and know that you won’t be going anywhere until the storm clouds have cleared. Or when your boss calls, and you just HAVE to get that report done RIGHT NOW, and you can’t go anywhere until it’s safely on it’s way over. Or when your sitter cancels last minute because she’s like, totally got a hot date and can’t bear to skip it to look after your charming offspring. Sometimes it just feels like the world’s conspiring against you to keep you indoors.

Luckily, thanks to a new world of on demand apps, there’s ways to make it through enforced confinement. From making your time easier, to actually letting you escape and get on with your day, these are the 15 apps you need to have on hand, should rain, deadlines or horror of horrors, laundry day strike.

1. Netflix


Netflix is one of the best on-demand streaming sites, ever. With thousands upon thousands of tv shows and movies on demand, and plans starting from only £5.99, it makes being stuck indoors for whatever reason completely bearable. Throw a bottle of wine into that mix and you’ve got a match made in heaven. It can even entertain your kids for you when needed.

2. YogaStudio


Feeling a bit stressed and tense from not being able to get out the house? A little light yoga will help you relax, and YogaStudio is the app to help you do it. Fuss-free, it features over 16 hours of video classes, with levels and time-lengths to suit everyone. You can even create your own bespoke class, with over 260 moves to add in to your yoga workout.

3. Deliveroo


If you can’t get out the house for that fancy dinner, have the fancy dinner come to you. Deliveroo is takeout with a major difference. Rather than a greasy takeaway, they’ll deliver you foodie treats from your favourite restaurants in less than an hour, and make eating while you work much more of a pleasure.

4. Jinn


The best complement to Deliveroo, who’ll bring you whatever meal from the outside world you could want? Jinn, who’ll bring you everything else. Like a genie in app-form, they’ll drop off anything from any shop or restaurant for a delivery fee of £5.95 and a 10% cost of whatever you ordered. From chocolate and wine for you, to nappies and formula for a new baby, they can get you literally anything when you just can’t get out the house.

5. HelloFresh


Cooking can often be a joy as well as chore, and HelloFresh aims to always make it the former. If you’re stuck in because you need to make dinner for the kids or just need a distraction, they’ll drop off all the ingredients for a gorgeous, healthy meal, plus instructions, so you can feel like a domestic goddess without the faff.

6. Bizzby


Household chores piling up? Bizzby to the rescue. Use their handy app to get round a plumber, cleaner or any manner of other services in minutes to help you multitask – or better yet, let you get out the house while they sort everything out!

7. BBC iPlayer


The (free) alternative to Netflix, BBC iPlayer makes you master of what’s on television. Shows and films available on demand, on any device – you can even hook it up to your television!

8. ZipJet


If you must be stuck indoors, make sure it’s not to do the laundry with ZipJet. They pick up, wash and get your clothes back to you within 24 hours, charging £1.75 a shirt, £12.50 a bag and £10 a suit. They even do the ironing too. Leaving you free to get on with more interesting pursuits.

9. LikeMinders


Founded by two mums, LikeMinders is the on demand babysitting app. If you have plans but also need to look after your little ones, these guys are the answer. 100% of their child carers are DBS checked, interviewed and screened, and even with less than 24 hours notice, they fulfill 95% of bookings. Whether you want someone to entertain your kids while you get some work done, or have a pressing event you’d rather not miss, this app is a life saver.

10. HouseKeep


House a mess and can’t leave until it’s clean? Book and pay for any of the thoroughly vetted and background-checked cleaners through HouseKeep’s app, then skip off to do your thing safe in the knowledge you’ll come back to a sparkling clean house – for a mere £12.50 an hour

11. TaskRabbit


If it’s a to-do list a mile long that’s tying a shackle around your wrist, clear it fast with TaskRabbit. Based on the old-school neighbours helping neighbours concept, updated for the app world, they source friendly locals to come round and do all manner of tasks for you for a small fee. IKEA shelves that need to be put up? Done. Stamp collection need up dated? No problem. No task is too big or too little. Call these guys to free yourself from your to-do list, and the confines of your house.

12. Workout Trainer


If rain or transport issues are stopping you from getting to the gym, not to worry. Workout Trainer has thousands of free workouts, complete with timed step-by-step audio and video instructions to help you get fit in your own home.

13. Spotify


On-demand music streaming, to help you get through whatever task you’re stuck home doing. Because everyone knows Taylor Swift on full blast makes even doing the dishes more fun.

14. Borrow My Doggy


Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean your pooch should be too. If you can’t escape to give your beloved pet their daily walk, Borrow My Doggy will set you up with someone who can.

15. Fast Beauty On Demand


Have a party, but pouring rain stopping you from getting to the salon? Not to worry, Fast Beauty On Demand is here to help, with blowdries, makeup and nails in the comfort of your own home. No matter the reason you’re stuck at home before a big night out (or hot date), we’ll make sure our expert stylists and makeup artists get to you.

Look fabulous, fast! Download the blow LTD App now and enter code “FAB” to get £10 off your first On Demand booking (available in London Zones 1&2).

– Emma Cooke

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