15 pain-free ways to detox in January

Christmas has been and gone in a flash and the awful spectre of “cleansing” now hangs over us. But detoxing doesn’t all have to be about hardcore interval training and intravenous kale.

It can be fun, delicious and heck, even pleasurable. Here are our top tips for making your detox pain-free:

1. Feed Your Face

Stella McCartney backstage at Paris Fashion Week Fall Collection 2015.

Partied-out skin needs some serious TLC, so why not treat your face to a fast, brightening and plumping facial from A-list go-to skincare brand Sunday Riley.

Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney are all fans of the brand, which ingeniously revives dehydrated, tired skin, detoxing as it hydrates.

How does it work?

First, thoroughly cleanse your face with the gentle, foaming Ceramic Slip Cleanser. Then let the best-selling Good Genes therapy go to work with its potent blend of botanicals and lactic acid to even skin tone and infuse moisture, followed by a deep facial massage with Artemis Oil to plump and hydrate.

Alternatively our experts could come and do it for you! Watch behind the scenes footage of the Sunday Riley four-step facial here.

Book a Sunday Riley Facial + hand massage (30 mins) to your home for just £40 with Fast Beauty On Demand.

2. Blissful Bathing


Soak away dead skin and moisturise your whole body with a divine rose-scented bath.

REN’s Moroccan Rose Otto range can be used to create a simple yet strong three-step bathing ritual.

Firstly, indulge in the brand’s sweet smelling and stress relieving body wash in your bath, formulated with the celebrated Moroccan Rose Otto Oil. The next step is to gently exfoliate using REN’s Cane Sugar body polish, which promises to slough off dead skin and leave your body smooth and smelling of roses. To finish, turn to Moroccan Rose Otto ultra-moisture Body Oil to hydrate wintery skin.

We feel relaxed just thinking about it…

3. Food For Thought?

lemon image

We’ve scoured books, blogs and everything in-between for the perfect detox recipe and this cleansing detox soup was one of our favourites. Pinched from The Glowing Fridge, the recipe is bursting with “immune-boosting natural remedies”, such as fresh lemon juice, “balancing cinnamon”, and is more “yum” than “bleh”.

You can find the full recipe here.

Revamp your fridge: little changes to your shopping list can make a big difference to the way you look and feel.

Our top 5 foods for detoxing:


4. Have A Bath In Epsom Salts

bath tub

It’s an age-old remedy for relaxation and detoxing the body, and is still used in the swankiest spa resorts. Whilst bathing in Epsom salts, magnesium sulphate is reportedly absorbed via the skin’s surface, where it can help eradicate toxins from the body. A bath in Epsom salts can help alleviate muscle pain, as well as soften and exfoliate skin.

Not sure where to get started? We recommend checking out Holland and Barrett’s The Eco Bath – Epsom salt bath soak for muscle and joint pain.

5. Become A Yogi

Woman doing yoga at sunset, lotus position, copy space

It may be an ancient practice, but yoga is showing no signs of losing its reputation as one of the best ways to improve physical and mental wellbeing in 2016.

Focusing on strength, balance, suppleness and breathing, yoga has a myriad of health benefits – from combating depression to alleviating aches and pains.

There’s even an app for that. Download Yoga Studio on the app store.

6. Nail It

saints of bohemia


In the midst of your January detox, be careful not to abandon your hands and nails – after all, our hands are in our faces throughout the day!

Why not return your nails to their glossy glory and, at the SAME TIME revive your face with a Sunday Riley Facial exclusive to blow LTD in your own home.

While Sunday’s best-selling Good Genes Therapy mask gets to work rejuvenating your skin, your therapist will complete either a Classic manicure, A Gel manicure or a Classic Manicure and Pedicure. This package is perfect for chilled-out weekends and relaxing weekday evenings (available until 8pm).

OFFER! Classic-mani + Sunday Riley Facial (65 mins): Usually £65. Special offer £50 (save £15)

Sunday Riley Facial + hand massage (30 mins): £40

*Gel-mani + Sunday Riley Facial (70 mins): £75.

*Classic-mani + Classic-pedi + Sunday Riley Signature Facial (110 mins): £90.

*Gel-mani + classic -pedi + Sunday Riley Signature Facial (120 mins): £100.

7. Look after your locks


Give your barnet an overnight ‘facial’ with our #10minuteblow Soft and Silky Nourishing Oil, designed to nourish, smooth and protect beautiful hair.

Containing Abyssinian and Argan oils, it is paraben and sulphate free and can be used as an overnight hair-repair treatment.

With a mesmerising scent of lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary and orange, this product will not only leave your hair fresh as a daisy, it will help you sleep like a baby!

8. Embrace Your Inner Zen


It’s 2016 and gone are the days where you had to travel across the globe to find a good mindfulness teacher. In today’s world, we have a host of apps available to help us train our mind and learn to relax. Our personal preference is the meditation app Headspace, used by one of our favourite actresses, Emma Watson.

Alternatively, head to your local bookshop for a host of adult colouring books. So, next time you have an evening to yourself, why not light a few candles, pop your jogging bottoms on and settle down with a cup of tea to some serious colouring in. This long-burning candle, from This Works, has a dreamy fragrance of clove, cedarwood and tranquil orange essential oils and makes the perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in with your pencils.

As Piccaso once said, “every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

9. Save Dry Skin


Dry skin can leave your body feeling sore and fragile, compromising its ability to function as a barrier to external assailants. So, get ready to lose those flaky layers and rediscover soft skin in seconds! Vitamin b5 body moisturiser by MALIN+GOETZ fuses nutritious, wholesome botanicals for instantaneous results.

And for those once soft and luscious, now arid and crispy, lips? Check out This Works’ In Transit Turbo Balm.

10. Face The Facts


Founded by Inge Theron in London Selfridges in 2014, FaceGym is an emerging beauty concept taking the industry by storm. As the name suggests, it is essentially a workout for the face carried out by expert face trainers.

With a simple, five-step protocol – warm up, cardio, strength, sculpt and cool down – the workout is straightforward but effective. It has been designed to provide a number of internal and external benefits, such as detoxing the face and skin and toning muscles.

Just sit back while a therapist does the workout for you. That’s our kind of workout.

11. Sweat It Out



Remember: healthy body, healthy mind. Mindfulness is not the only way to unwind and learn to control your anxiety – exercise is also is a powerful weapon against tension and stress.

But a great way to make it a pleasure, rather than a chore is to head to the hills… or a beautiful park.

Living in London, it can be tricky to find good jogging routes

To get you started, here’s a short list of excellent running spots in our favourite metropolis. Just remember to be safe and not venture out after dark.

Primrose Hill

Hampstead Heath

Kensington Gardens

East London Canal Run

Richmond Park

Top tip: There are a number of easy-to-use apps that enable you to measure how much exercise you’re actually getting throughout the day. For example, Steps pedometer and step counter activity tracker by Superficial Flow can monitor how far you walk and how many steps you take each day. Works on all iPhones.

12. Post Workout Soak


Whether you’ve been stretching on the yoga mat or jogging around a frosty Hyde Park, Mio Workout Wonder give your body a treat as well as helping it to recover with its energising blend of herbs and extracts.

Ideal for both pre and post workout, this invigorating muscle gel cools and revives muscles, and eases any soreness and tension encountered during everyday life.

13. Massage Is A Must


We all know what it’s like to be sitting at the office desk – shoulders hunched, neck craned and eyes concentrated on yet another pesky email – fantasising about laying on a hammock in Costa Rica. Whilst this particular daydream is a little ambitious, there are easier ways to bring relaxation into your work environment.

Xhilarate Office Massage is a provider of on-site massages for those in need of some TLC in the big smoke.

Skilled practitioners will actually arrive at your office to offer stress relieving, onsite chair massages. The team combine Acupressure, Shiatsu, Thai and Indian Head massage techniques to help you relieve unwanted tension and start 2016 feeling calm and collected.

14. …But There Is Also An Alternative

this works instagram shot


If there really is no time for a massage – or you wish to continue to treat your muscles in between appointments – we have a quick and easy solution.

This Works In Transit Muscle Therapy is a lotion comprising an amalgamation of essential oils and calming ingredients and can be used for tension headaches, sports injuries and general muscular aches and pains.

15. And Finally? Just Cut The Caffeine

mint tea


And for a REALLY fast way to detox? Bid farewell to your skinny cappuccino, extra shot (at least for now) and say hello to mint tea.

We’re not suggesting that you completely banish flat-whites from your life – you only need to login to Pinterest to understand the sacred relationship that many women have with their coffee-machine or local barista. It’s important to treat yourself throughout the week and have little things to look forward to.

However, as those who consume excessive amounts of caffeine tend to be prone to anxiety and insomnia, we recommend reconsidering your daily intake of coffee and, where possible, switching it for a less-stimulating alternative – such as water or fresh juice.

This carrot, clementine and pineapple juice recipe from BBC Good Food is delicious, quick and easy to make. All you have to do is pop some chopped up carrot and pineapple into a juicer alongside clementines and ginger and follow the instructions on your machine. The full recipe can be found here.

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