13 Halloween Looks for 2016

Rubber fright masks are so over. Frighten the living daylights out of your nearest and dearest with a dramatic make-up look achieved by using just the contents of your cosmetics bag!

1. Harley Quinn


Our expert MUA, Angel, achieved this incredible look using concealer and pale foundation as a base. She then added one blue and one red eyeshadow on the lid and under the eye, using a angled brush to drag the colour over her cheekbones. She then used a dark shadow to contour and add additional patches of dirt for a worn in look. Adding a red lip as one of the final touches, using her little finger to smudge the liquid lipstick on the corner. Finishing off with a liquid eyeliner for Harley’s spooky tattoos. Need help from the experts? Click here to book a Bespoke Make-Up appointment!

2. Broken Doll


Starting with your usual party make-up look as a base, create the shatter effect using a black eyeliner pencil, followed by a black liquid eyeliner. And dimension to your look with white eyeliner for highlights on the cracks and dark brown eyeshadow for lowlights.

3. Mermaid


The mermaid look is going to be huge this Halloween season. This is a totally customisable look which can be created using your favourite colours. We recommend using pink, purple, blue or green eyeshadows as a colourful contour. Using a pair of fishnet tights, cut a strip off and lay it flat against where you would usually contour your cheekbones with highlighter. Using a big, fluffy brush, spread your chosen eyeshadows over evenly to create the perfect scaled look. Repeat this method on your temples and neck and embellish with glitter as needed!

4. Half skull


A tricker look to create without practice. Have no fear! Our expert MUAs only use high end and luxury brands to create Bespoke Halloween Make-Up looks! Click here to book your Beauty At Home appointment.

5. Sugar Skull


Want something more feminine? Try a sweet sugar skull. This can be created using a black eyeliner pencil to mark out the skull shape and white and black eyeshadow to bring dimension to your look. Play with a floral motif by adding petals around your eyes and forehead at will, this look is great to make your own! Finally, add some white or silver glitter around the eyes for that extra spooky sparkle!

6. Pop Art

cartoon halloween

Go full Lichtenstein with this pop art look! You may need to grab some face paints for this one, we recommend this palette. Our expert MUAs love this make-up, a stand out look without being gory! Want to try it yourself? Watch this amazing tutorial by one of our fave beauty bloggers. Finish off the look by spraying your hair with a blue or yellow colour spray to get an extreme cartoon effect.

7. Bambi

deer makeup

Move over lion face, 2016 is the year of the deer! Super curled up hair and a doe-eyed look is perfect when paired with a simple brown and black outfit. Time to get out the bronzer and contour the whole way round your face and neck, creating a more animal like shape. Contour heavily on your nose all the way up to your eyebrows and add a heavy smokey eye. Follow with a black upper lip and end of your nose. Add some white spots along your cheekbones and voila!

8. Galaxy Girl

galaxy makeup

Embrace your inner extra-terrestrial with this galaxy make-up look. Use blue pink and purple eyeshadows as a base, followed by a white eyeliner to create the constellations across your nose and cheeks and light pink lip. Add a highlighter on top for an out of this world shine!

9. Fortune Teller

fortune teller makeup

Be the hit of the party with this sultry psychic look. Go really heavy on the eyes, using a eye primer to make sure your shadow stays put all night long followed by dark purple and black shadow. Use black shadow to create a blended out cat eye, using an angled brush to drag the shadow down to a point at your cheeks. Follow with a gold glitter on the points and in the inner corners of your eyes and finished off with a matte burgundy lip.

10. Cruella De Ville

cruella makeup

We love this make-up as it could definitely double as an amazing party look, minus the wig of course! Start with a light green eyeshadow as a base, with a black green in your eyelid crease. Follow with a bright green glitter shadow and a blended up black cat eye. Grab your go-to red lipstick, along with a shade darker lip liner to create a devilish smile!

11. Vampire

vampire makeup

A bit of a step up to your usual ‘vampy’ make-up look. Create a smokey eye with a hint of burgundy, followed with a sharpened red lip liner to add those bloodthirsty veins from the lower lash line. Use the same liner to add a bold red lip (we suggest adding a bit of blood red gloss to make this look extra gory) and some massive lashes for the ultimate undead look!

12. Wednesday Addams

wednesday adams

A super easy look for dark haired mavens. Go heavy with a black lipstick or liquid eyeliner to achieve a spooky smile. Contour your cheekbones and temples with a dark grey eyeshadow, using the same shade to create a sultry smokey eye. Finish off the look with Wednesday’s iconic plaits, using a liquid eyeliner to give yourself a widow’s peak from your centre parting.

13. Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe makeup

An oldie but a goodie, this look is for the blondes! Get ready to be rouged, this look requires some beautifully blushed cheeks and a Hollywood red glossy lip. For your eyes, start off with a white shimmer eyeshadow, followed by a light brown shade in the crease. Finish off your look with a slick cat eye and some false eyelashes to really get that movie star stare. Using a brown eyebrow pencil, add some arched brows and don’t forget to add Marilyn’s iconic beauty mark!

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